What is Microsoft SkyDrive? See our Short Review

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Today business demands a lot of changes in data processing and data storage. In recent years, we still use the offline data storage access through removable media like usb flashdisk or compact disk, now there is an easier way. By using a cloud service. A lot of large IT companies provide data access through the cloud service. Among the big-name in cloud providers is apple's iCloud and the phenomenal Dropbox. But now came up a new name in terms of cloud service, that is Microsoft SkyDrive. What is microsoft skydrive? Microsoft SkyDrive is a cloud service offering online data access and data storage. You can read some of my SkyDrive features and reviews below.

In fact, SkyDrive considered as one of underdog in cloud based storage. There are many easy-to-use features to access our documents and data in cloud. Cloud means that we can access it everywhere and anytime. Microsoft said that SkyDrive would become the cloud storage service that can be choosen by many kind of businesses. With companies increasingly use the integration between their mobile devices with their networks, the need to access files from distant has become more significant. So, Microsoft Windows SkyDrive has indeed became solution as a subscription-based model.

The Advantages of Using Skydrive
We can't underestimate this new-introduced cloud. SkyDrive product was first introduced and integrated with Microsoft Windows 8. The mobile version Windows 8 OS also integrates with our SkyDrive account, so we can access the system and our data from our smartphone very easily too. If your smartphone can't be installed with the service, you can also get your work through a simply Web browser. Therefore, we have many options for logging in and accessing our files and data.

When we talk about cost savings, SkyDrive offer various annual fee based on the amount of storage we need. For companies and enterprises, we can purchase a given amount of storage for a fixed annual price. What's the best, the apps for the storage service is free, so we can download and install it freely in our smartphone.

Other Features

File Sharing Support We can select some specific files from SkyDrive interface and we can choose whether to share our file via email, social media or webpage.

Drag and Drop
Our files can be moved to other folders with drag and drop. Works like magic.

Auto Integration with Microsoft Office 2013
If we use Microsoft Office 2013, it will be opened and saved automatically from SkyDrive. But you can change the option based on your own.

Powerful Mobile Integration
SkyDrive app is free and powerful, we can use the camera and video recorder on the device, and then we can save and store it to our personal cloud folder and we can share it everywhere.

What's more from this cloud? Although it is still considered as a young player in cloud-based computing, Many people have rate it very high. More than a billion files and documents had already been stored on Microsoft SkyDrive servers. Their small features like editing the Microsoft Word documents online and archive it as attachments for Email is very intriguing. You can start to try and use the SkyDrive now after reading our short reviews. Windows 8 is best suited with it.
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