7 Most Durable Computer Brands List in 2014

Hi guys, ever thought about what's the most durable laptop in the world so far? Many people feel so dizzy about why the laptops they've purchased quickly broken or very durable and reliable. Research anywhere about finding the most durable laptops, but in the end thay choose the wrong laptop computer brand. Maybe you need to listen to the results of the study that've been conducted by Square Trade, so you could know one of the reasons why the laptop easily damaged or very durable. For those who don't have any source of information or the history of the brand you like. This post could have been a guideline in terms of buying a laptop. Here's 7 Most durable laptop or computer brands list that've been choosen by a lot of people in the world and based on my experience.

Most Durable and Reliable Computer 2014

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1. Asus
ASUS brand name seems quite popular nowadays. Both for the desktop and laptop. ASUS was ranked first because of the trial results, the extent of damage in 2 years is below 10 %, whereas in the 3 years was 15.6 %. Although ASUS is in the top position in the vendors rank in the World about the strong computer hardware brands, it seems ASUS is not going to lose in terms of quality durability until many years ahead. ASUS product itself most notably by the ROG ( Republic of Gamers ) as one of the prerequisites gaming computer brands.

2 . Toshiba
Toshiba now is a very popular laprop brands with the durability, quality and price. Many people believe the price of the Toshiba laptops are suitable according to its quality. Toshiba is ranked second with a percentage below 10 % within 2 years, and 15.7 % within 3 years. Just a bit of difference with 0.01 % from ASUS. It appears it was proved that Toshiba is designed to be durable laptop. Just my toshiba satellite notebook i bought in 2006 until now. Very satisfied.

3 . Sony
SONY is quite famous one with their laptop products, especially their VAIO series. SONY ranks third in the percentage level of damage to the laptop. In a 2 year trial, SONY gets a percentage above 10 %, while in 3 years, the percentage rose to 16.8 %. Although not as strong as ASUS and Toshiba, SONY can be said as one venerable aerospace laptop ever. I still wait SONY to make a PC and could they climb as the strongest one in the personal computer brands list.

4 . Apple
Apple could be said as the worlds most famous and most successful company for its own operating system, personal computer, notebook and mobile phone. Their OS, Macintosh(Mac OS)can only be installed in their own laptop brands. Many experiments performed by these brands generate a percentage above 10 % at 2 years and 17.4 % within 3 years. This proves that Apple Laptops(Macbook) still counted as the strongest and the most ellegant one from their competitors that used windows operating system.

5 . Dell
DELL seems to be the most famous gaming computer brands, with their Alienware series, a laptop that actually offers high gaming performance and a design that out of this world. DELL's damage rate in 2 years is above 10 %, while in 3 years, it has reached 18.3 %. Apparently, this brand offers the most durable laptops together with the high performance if you like a gaming laptop.

6 . Lenovo
IBM's big names still overshadow this product until now. IBM Lenovo that has turned into a course should have the same high quality with the previous product. Even so, the percentage of 2 year damage amounted to about 12.5 %, and the percentage was 21.5 % in 3 year. It's understandable because with a heavy burden and the new management, Lenovo needs time to establish trust and follow the competition to the top again. But Lenovo still have a series that could make it to the top. That's their thinkpad series.

7 . Acer
ACER is a laptop that at least the most commonly used in consumer circles. Besides the price is relatively cheap, ACER also offers a complete device. But unfortunately, ACER doesn't has a very good offer in terms of durability. It proved by the percentage of damage that almost reach 15 % within 2 years period. Meanwhile, the percentage will increase to 23.3 % within 3 years. Even so, ACER earned 2nd position in the World Top Vendors. And could still be counted as the durable computer brands list beside the other newcomer brands like MSI and etc.

That are some short reviews about the 7 most durable computer brands list in the early 2014. I hope this little information can help you in buying your lovely laptop or notebook. But, don't judge the brands with this little laptop computer brands list based on their position. Some type and series could have their own special feature. In today's computer world, all of brands have their own strategy in building their product. So, choose it intelligently and wisely, adjust with your money and your daily needs.
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