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One of some disadvantage from using the OS Windows 8 (Windows 8 Consumer Preview) is still much that is not yet compatible software / support Windows 8. There are still many who have not the Developer software to fix their software to further provide support for Windows 8. So for now if you have already installed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and makes the primary operating system on your computer, then you should be ready with all the limitations. If this happens to you so you have to accept what is, indeed Windows 8 operating system it's still in the testing phase, so it's definitely not final and it is definitely still a lot of bugs and flaws.

But do not be discouraged yet, not all the software does not support Windows 8 operating system, there are also some software that supports Windows 8, can be installed and running perfectly on Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Some users of Windows 8 Consumer Preview has provided feedback about the software they use, is compatible with Windows 8 or not. Here your task as a user of Windows 8 Consumer Preview fact should also give feedback as the others. Do you use software that can run on Windows 8 or not.
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You can visit the Compatibility Center website for Windows 8. There you will find several reports from users of Windows 8. At this site has been provided several categories on the left sidebar. Try to search by browsing the categories provided, including drivers and software you use and report, whether software or drivers are compatible with Windows 8 or not.

I also just use and install some software on Windows 8 Consumer Preview as Photoscape, Firefox, Norton Internet Security, Google Chrome, Solid Capture, all of my report to the Compatibility Center website. Some games such as Counter Strike can also be played in Windows 8. Well, now it's your turn giving feedback. For those who've tried to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview and have tried to install some software compatibility software please report it to the Compatibility Center website. With this you are expected to report software developers can quickly provide and improve support for Windows 8 in the future.

For those who do not wish to participate, it's okay. Besides participating in the Compatibility Center website before you also have to log in using your Windows Live ID, the possibility of many who do not have it? If I have long had a Windows Live ID account. Just to see it, that's what software is compatible with Windows 8 user experience.
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