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Shortern and redirect URL are suck
Sometimes we feel disappointed before downloading something if we get the download link redirected to another URL. When we download link provided leads to and should wait to open the real download link. Not to mention the free download link will also have to wait a few seconds to open before we can download it. What a sh*t. is a URL shortener service where visitors have to wait and see ads from for 5 seconds before the intended visit the original site. Of course, sometimes things like this make our own visitors or even feeling uncomfortable / annoyed. So is there a way to skip or remove it?

Therefore, this time I will give Adfly Bypass Technique and to skip it using Google Chrome and Mozilla, its useless when we open the link when we have to wait 5 seconds and go directly to the real download link URL.

Please follow the steps - these steps:
Google Chrome Users
1. Go to google chrome
2. Go to here
3. After that click on "Add To Chrome"
4. Wait for the installation process
5. then Install ads skipper here
6. then try one of the links adf ly

Mozilla Firefox Users
1. Go to Mozilla
2. Click here
3. Click the "Add to Firefox" / "Download Now"
4. then Install and install script
5. When finished, restart your mozilla
6. Then try on one of the links adf ly

By website redicter
1. you can go to here
2. paste or put link in the white blank and click get.
3. wait for second till the real link appear in the red box.

It should work well if you follow the above step. Happy browsing without worried with annoying ads.

Note : that trick not only work for skip, but work in antoher URL shortener service link such as : link buck, etc.
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