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Bored with the current android theme you use? You want to make the creation of android theme with its own icon. I have a trick. Before proceeding, first read the description below so that there is no misunderstanding: This trick is not how to create a android theme /launcher as a 'stand alone apps', but the trick is to make the theme of Go launcher own creations.

This program requires the Java JDK, so you should ensure that you have the Java JDK installed on your computer first. Go launcher has actually been a very complete customization settings, such as changing the wallpaper, background menu icon, icon pack to replace with another theme that has been installed, but of course you are very proud of the themes you listed your name and icon creations. GO ThemesFactory program name, you can make your own creations theme and can even edit the theme that you have. Here are brief steps.

- Download and install Java JDK on your computer
- Download GO ThemesFactory.
- Extract the zip file
- Click 'themefactorybeta', because it is a small installer file or online versions,
- Wait for the program is installed online

Make sure you have a stable internet connection (approximately 10 minutes). Once successfully installed, the program will open. This program has a complete menu. Click 'New', and fill in your name and choose your theme folder in C :/ 3G_GoLauncher_Dev_ThemesFactory shelf Make your own creations, you can change the wallpaper, menu icon background, icon apps, icon base and so on.

When creations are ready, click save and click on 'Export' Congratulations, you managed to create your own theme! You're ready menstranfer theme your creations to your beloved android. (newly created apk file stored in the folder where you download the zip file and extract the install go themefactory.
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