Back Up Android Apps, Data, Contacts & SMS using GO Backup

kartolo cyber center | back up android apps, data, contacts, smsGO Dev team have a new innovation with their app collections. That's GO Backup, a free useful android app to back up android data. GO Backup is really serious for being a default Android data backup solution. By using this android app, you can create multiple local backup instances of all your contacts, text messages, apps and app data. Beside that, the app supports ‘silent installation’ to restore your apps in the background (that is, without requiring you to manually go through the installation process of every individual app). The option to log in to the app using a GO account allows you to create multiple profiles, each with its own set of backup content. Unlike most other backup and restore apps on the Play Store, GO Backup’s interface is, as should be expected, very neatly designed. the backup/restoration mechanism is simple and smooth. More after the break.

Before proceeding any further, let us inform you that GO Backup’s SMS, contact, app data backup, and silent installation features require root access.


As mentioned earlier, the app requires you to log in with a valid GO account. It is simply a layer of security as well as a means to create different backup profiles on the same device.


Once logged in, all you need to do is tap the Backup button at the bottom, and select whatever content you wish to include in that particular backup package. Make your choice, and hit the Start Backup button. The time required to complete the backup process depends upon the amount of included content.


Restoring content is simple too. All the backups created via GO Backup are listed on the app’s homescreen. Just select the required backup file, and then the content within it that you wish to restore. For example, you may opt to restore just contacts from within an entire backup package.

Tapping the button in the top-right corner of the screen takes you to the app’s settings screen from where you can batch-delete all backup files, and toggle the Contacts Backup Setting (backup contacts only), Bakcup/Restore App Data, and/or Hide app installation interface (silent installation) options on/off.


Note: The options to backup/restore app data and hide the app installation interface upon restoring apps (silent installation) are currently not supported on devices running Android 3.0 or higher, which means that Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich users might have to make do with a rather limited version of the app as of this writing.

Download GO Back Up

Once again, this app is free of charge. So, what do you think by using this free android back up app, you can get that much service. That's surely an advantage for us.
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